13 reasons why season 1 episode 1 dailymotion

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13 reasons why season 1 episode 1 dailymotion

If it comes back for season 2, there will be plenty to find out. What happens to Clay? How do people react to what Alex did at the very end? Ahead, a look at every major cliffhanger left unresolved. At the end of the penultimate episode of 13 Reasons Whywe learned a young male was being rushed to the hospital as the result of a gunshot wound to the head. Did Alex attempt suicide? Was he shot by someone else? Will he survive? Those questions loom large at the end of season 1 and finding out the answers seems like a good starting point for where season 2 if it ever happens might pick up.

A second shocking reveal of the season finale was that Tyler Devin Druid has been stockpiling an array of weapons, likely as part of a plot to shoot up the school. Did he remove Alex because he stood up for Tyler in the hallway or because Tyler knew Alex had been shot? And if the latter, did Tyler have something to do with it?

Unhelpful Yoda shared very few scenes with Hannah; they knew each other but rarely seemed to hang out or interact at all. Why did she pick Tony Christian Navarro to carry out her posthumous wishes beyond his easy access to a cassette recorder?

We see Hannah go to the post office before she dies by suicide to mail the tapes — but we know from Tony that she dropped the cassettes at his house to get the tapes in his possession. Where did the other cassettes go? This was a ludicrous conflict of interest that a season 2 would likely have to resolve immediately. Without Hannah, what does the series become?

Show creator Brian Yorkey has a bit of a Veronica Mars problem on his hands: that series was similarly constructed around the death of a young girl during its first season, a case that wrapped up in the finale. And when season 2 rolled around, it was harder to keep the momentum moving forward — Veronica Mars became more outlandish and less interesting as a result.

Based on the novel written by Jay Asher, the Netflix drama follows a teen named Clay who attempts to figure out what led his classmate and crush, Hannah, to commit suicide.

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All the unresolved cliffhangers at the end of 13 Reasons Why. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. TV Show.TV Schedule. Sign In. Season: 1 2 3 4. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. As the school mourns the death of Hannah Baker, her friend Clay receives a box of tapes with messages she recorded before committing suicide. S1, Ep2. Hannah makes friends with Jessica and Alex, two other new students.

Justin doesn't show up at school; Hannah's mother finds something troubling. S1, Ep3. Jealousy and gossip take a toll on Hannah's relationships; Alex struggles with feelings of regret; Clay is pressured into getting drunk. S1, Ep4. Hannah thinks someone is stalking her and sets a trap; Hannah's mother confronts the principal; Clay strikes back at someone who wronged Hannah.

S1, Ep5. Hannah and Clay connect at the school dance, but a crass rumor ruins the mood. Clay takes Courtney to visit Hannah's grave. S1, Ep6. Hannah's date on Valentine's Day doesn't go as planned. Alex gets in a big fight at school and has to face the honor board. S1, Ep7. Another student sabotages Hannah during a class project. Clay's nightmares about Hannah spill over into the daytime. S1, Ep8. Inspired by a friend's poetry reading, Hannah pours her heart out.

Tony confides in Clay about the night of Hannah's death. S1, Ep9. Hannah witnesses a traumatic event at a summertime party. Clay tries to reason with Justin, and Marcus warns him that the worst is yet to come. S1, Ep A distraught Hannah gets a ride home from the party. Jessica's behavior grows increasingly erratic, and Clay learns the truth behind a tragedy.

Clay and Hannah grow closer. While Clay spends a heartbreaking night listening to his tape with Tony, tensions boil over at Bryce's house. Hannah winds up at a party after an argument with her parents.

The students are served with subpoenas, and Justin wrestles with conflicting loyalties. Hannah seeks help from Mr. Porter, the school counselor. Clay plays the new tape for Tony and weighs what to do next. See also TV Schedule. Add episode.Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Yet to really compare 13 Reasons Why to anything would be doing a disservice to what is one of the most special series to ever grace Netflix.

At its core, 13 Reasons Why is a study in how we treat one another. This show is not kind — even if it implores its characters to be. It is, however, very, very important — especially for teens, their parents, and any authority figure who deals with either. Episode 1. High school can be heaven or hell — depending on your perspective and social standing, of course. And that — well, that would be bad for everyone. In flashbacks narrated by Hannah, we get the story of Justin and Hannah — a story of young romance gone terribly awry.

Hannah describes how Justin, the boyfriend du jour of her best friend Kat Giorgia Whigham who has since moved away, became the object of her infatuation. Eventually, Hannah sneaks out of her house despite being under the watchful eye of her mother Olivia, played by Kate Walsh and meets up with Justin in the park.

The two have a lovely, sweet night on the playground that culminates in a kiss. Hannah thanks Justin for that kiss — just not what comes after. Football captain and resident asshat Bryce Justin Prenticeforwards the photo to the entire school, humiliating Hannah. Clay — jealous of her hookup with Justin — snapped at Hannah. Hannah left the lunch table in tears. Clay is confused — until Tony reveals the truth. Tony is the friend that Hannah has put in charge of the tapes.

Episode 2. Hannah and Jessica became friends when their guidance counselor earnestly introduced them. After a few weeks of sipping hot cocoa, the two meet Alex Miles Heizeranother newbie with a shock bleach blonde hair and a nose ring.

13 reasons why season 1 episode 1 dailymotion

Later, though, things turn sour between Alex and Jessica — and Hannah gets caught in the crossfire. Things are different in present day. Jessica, now a cheerleader, is dating Justin — yep, that Justin. He might talk. Yet Clay has nothing to talk about — at least not yet. And so, she calls Tony — a person clearly close to the family. Episode 3. This episode opens with chaos theory: the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings could potentially cause a hurricane in another part of the world.

Instead, Olivia finds answers — or is it more questions? While out purchasing candy at a local liquor store, Bryce comes up behind Hannah and buys her candy bar. With that, Bryce walks off, leaving Hannah frozen in place.

In present day, Clay visits the same liquor store where Bryce assaulted Hannah. Low and behold, Bryce is there picking up some malt liquor for his pals.Tape 6, Side B is the twelfth episode of the first season of 13 Reasons Why. Hannah winds up at a party after an argument with her parents. The students are served with subpoenas, and Justin wrestles with conflicting loyalties.

Bryce sees her come in and greets her. Hannah joins the party and eventually joins JessicaJustinZach and his girlfriend in Bryce's hot-tub. After a few minutes, Hannah relaxes in and the four others eventually leave to hang out elsewhere.

13 Reasons Why - Season 1 Recap

Bryce then silently enters the tub and turns it off. He and Hannah make some small talk and he then approaches her and begins touching her inappropriately. Hannah attempts to get out but Bryce grabs her and holds her, pulls her underwear off and proceeds to rape her anally. Hannah freezes and isn't able to move as Bryce forcefully holds her down. Hannah is seen later crying as she walks home. When she gets home, she gets undressed and we see marks from Bryce using force to hold her down all over her upper body.

Many of the students were given subponeas, including all who were mentioned on the tapes. Parents were surprised but the students were not and were unhappy.

13 reasons why season 1 episode 1 dailymotion

Tyler buys a gun. Tony meets with Mrs. Baker who reveals a sheet with many names circled, including his. His name had a question mark with it. Clay goes to Bryce's house, hoping to get proof of all the bad things Bryce has done. Once he gets there, Clay asks for weed, to get into Bryce's house and talk to him. He starts to ask Bryce questions about the night he raped Hannah. Bryce tells Clay that he and Hannah had an on-off relationship, but Clay calls Bryce out as a rapist. The more Clay eggs Bryce on the angrier he gets.

When Bryce tries to justify raping Hannah, Clay gets so upset that he punches Bryce in the face.During the course of the series, 49 episodes of 13 Reasons Why were released over four seasons, between March 31,and June 5, Clay Jensen finds a box filled with audio cassette tapes anonymously left on his front doorstep.

Tape 1, Side A

He plays the first in his father's boombox and realizes they have been recorded by his recently deceased classmate Hannah Baker before he accidentally drops and breaks the boombox when surprised by his mother. Clay steals his friend Tony's Walkman to continue listening. Clay listens to the first tape, in which Hannah begins to relate the experiences that led to her suicide. She starts by sharing the story of her first kiss, with Justin Foley, who goes on to inadvertently spread a salacious rumor that begins the sequence of events leading to her suicide.

Clay is revealed, through numerous short flashbacks, to have been in love with Hannah and to have worked with her at the local movie theater. It is revealed in this episode that Hannah has put Tony in charge of the tapes.

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Hannah reminisces about her friendship with two other new students: Jessica, who moves frequently because her father is in the Air Forceand Alex, whom they met at a coffee shop. Jessica and Alex eventually begin a relationship and stop spending time with Hannah. When Alex breaks up with Jessica, she very publicly blames Hannah. In the present, Hannah's mother, Olivia, finds a note in her daughter's textbook that leads her to believe Hannah was being bullied.

Clay asks Jessica about the tapes, which results in Bryce Walker's circle of peers meeting to discuss how Clay is listening to Hannah's recordings. In the present, Hannah's mother, Olivia Baker, seeks out the school principal about her suspicion of bullying and makes a disturbing discovery.

In the midst of his investigation, Clay turns to Alex for answers, who not only feels regret for his actions on the tapes, but also warns Clay against trusting Tony, whom Clay later sees in a violent exchange with his brothers.

As Justin tries to recuperate from his recent slump, Bryce strong-arms Clay and Alex into a drinking contest in an alleyway. Hannah hears someone outside her window, and confesses to her friend, Courtney, that she has a stalker. Courtney offers to help her catch the offender in the act.

While waiting for the stalker to arrive, they play an alcohol-fueled game of truth or dare that leads to the two of them kissing on Hannah's bed. The stalker, school photographer Tyler Down, takes a photo of the girls and sends it around the school. This effectively ends Courtney and Hannah's friendship as Courtney distances herself from Hannah to avoid being revealed as one of the people in the photograph.

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In the present, Clay goes to Hannah's house and talks to her mother, though is unable to admit how close he and Hannah were. He also confronts Tony about the incident with his brothers.

Tony responds that "people have to make their own justice" and proves he has an extra set of tapes. Inspired by this, Clay takes a naked picture of Tyler and sends it around the school in revenge.

13 Reasons Why

Courtney, afraid of her classmates finding out about her sexuality, spreads a rumor that the girls in the leaked photos are Hannah and Laura, an openly lesbian classmate. Courtney also adds to the rumor about Hannah and Justin, worsening Hannah's poor reputation.

In the present, Clay takes Courtney to visit Hannah's grave. She leaves, not ready to face her involvement in the loss of her classmate or be more open about her sexuality.

Tony arrives with Clay's bike and gives him a tape with the song he and Hannah danced to at the Winter Formal. Later, Justin, Zach and Alex force Clay into the car with them by stealing his bike and scare him into silence about the tapes by driving over the speed limit.

They are pulled over by the police but face no consequences as the officer is revealed to be Alex's father. Clay denies knowing Hannah to his mother, who has been asked to represent the school in the lawsuit the Bakers are bringing.

13 reasons why season 1 episode 1 dailymotion

Hannah's date on Valentine's Day with Marcus does not go as planned due to the rumors that she is promiscuous. In the present, Alex gets into a fight with Monty and they both must appear before the student honor board. Clay helps Sheri on an assignment, and they nearly hook up, but Sheri reveals she is only there because she is on the tapes and wants Clay to like her despite her role in Hannah's death.TV Schedule.

Sign In. Season: 1 2 3 4. S2, Ep1. Error: please try again.

13 Reasons Why Season 1 Episode 1 Dailymotion

Five months after Hannah's death, the case against Liberty goes to trial, with Tyler as the first witness. Clay finds a troubling photo in his locker. S2, Ep2. Courtney makes a brave decision. Clay's memories of Hannah drive a wedge between him and Skye.

13 Reasons Why

Someone trashes the yearbook office. S2, Ep3. Worried about threats against them, Alex and Clay urge Jessica to testify about Bryce. Clay enlists Tony's help to find a potential witness. S2, Ep4. Clay hides a secret from his parents. Concerned about his reputation, Marcus lies in court. Jessica and Alex skip school together. S2, Ep5. Tyler and Cyrus embrace their outsider status.

Alex fights to recover his lost memories. Ryan and Mrs. Baker look to Hannah's poems for clues. S2, Ep6.From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come.

See the full gallery. Title: Tape 1, Side A 31 Mar High school teens mourn the suicide of their classmate Hannah. Clay Jensen is particularly sad. When he gets home he receives a package, containing old fashioned cassette tapes. When he starts to listen, it's Hannah, explaining her life, and why she is dead. Written by ahmetkozan. I read 'Thirteen Reasons Why' five months back and I really enjoyed it- the concept of our little deeds really influencing someone to suicide was mind-blowing.

Then the TV show happened and with a lot of hype. So I finally decide to check this aware that I will not be disappointed and I wasn't. While the plot seems familiar since I am already acquainted with the book but impressively the makers and writers do add their own perspectives to make the story more relatable to its current audience- the dialogues that have Google maps in their context that wasn't quite a thing back in was really witty.

Overall liked it- the theme of the episode was well delivered. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Visit our What to Watch page.

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